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Your Wedding Experience

Questions and answers to help you make the most of your wedding day, and to get the best photographs!

What is included in my wedding package?

Each wedding package includes a personalized contract; consultation; a specified number of hours on the wedding day; edited, full-resolution digital images, and some complimentary prints and gifts. 

Depending on the length and the size of the wedding, your package may also include a second shooter throughout the day. I also include all my expenses (gifts, travel, equipment) in this price. For distances further than 30km, additional fees may apply. 

The number of digital images ranges from about 40 - 80 per hour of shooting. The number of images depends on a variety of factors including wedding activities, shooting conditions, duplicate images, and one on one time with me!

If you wish, you can also add an engagement session or a wedding album to your package. Additional prints can be purchased after the delivery. 

How much time should we dedicate to wedding photos?

Taking beautiful photos of the bride and groom takes time!  In your wedding schedule you should definitely allot specific time to spend with your photographer. The more the better, but usually an hour with the bride and groom, and 45 minutes for family and bridal party shots is sufficient.

If possible, early morning or evening before sunset are ideal times for these images. It is also recommended to pick only one, versatile location for your formal photos.  If you're apprehensive about fitting this into your schedule, remember that this allows some quality time (and a much needed break! ) with your partner.

Do you have any venue recommendations?

I have worked at many locations, some of my favourites have been Sala San Marco (Little Italy), the Arboretum Gardens for photos, Wakefield Mill (Quebec), Strathmere, or Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm (South of Ottawa)

Do you have any bakery recommendations?

Some of my favourite bakeries in town are Thimblecakes (can make peanut and gluten-free), and Bakery Baby (Alymer)

Do you recommend hiring a professional make-up artist and hair stylist for the wedding?

Your wedding is for you, so you should spend and prepare in whatever way makes you the most comfortable! A professional MUA or hair-stylist of course may help you get the best look for your big day, but you also want to look like yourself and not go too over-the-top. Let me know if you're looking for recommendations. Another option may be to try a makeover at Shoppers or Sephora before-hand to pick up some tips and tricks if you plan on doing your own makeup. 

Do you use props for the bride and groom?

I have some general props that I usually bring with me. Often, the best props are personalized ones! Get creative and think of activities that you both enjoy, or use personalized features (desserts, flowers, centrepieces etc.) from the wedding itself.

Should I give you a shot list? 

Can you use my Pinterest board for inspiration?

Typically the best photos from the day are candid and unplanned! A full shot list is unnecessary - planning the images is part of what you're hiring me for! As a wedding photographer, I already know which of the traditional shots to take. At our consultation I will ask for a brief summary of the family combinations you want, as well as any specific or creative photos you were really hoping for.

You can send me a Pinterest board to get an idea of the theme and look of your wedding. If you have specific images on there I will use it as inspiration, but note that all photographers have their own style! I can look at some of the images for ideas, but it is not likely we will get the same shot or use the exact same style as other photographers.

Do you edit all the images? What kind of edits are included?

All of the final digital images are edited for exposure, contrast, colour etc. As needed, I do some more complex edits to remove background distractions, fix skin tones, or enhance portraits. Since my style is bright and authentic, I will never edit portraits in a way that drastically changes a subject's face or body.

Can I get some photos in black and white?

You can! All digital images will be delivered in colour. When reviewing, if there are some images you would like in black and white, take note of them and request by email. Additional fees for editing time may apply.