Business Consulting and Administration


My job is to give you the time you need to focus on your passion.

Starting a small business is a lot of work! You want to spend time on your passion, not replying to emails, invoicing or reviewing your pricing models. That’s where I come in! Let me handle all the tedious and complicated tasks that come with running a business, so you have more time to do the things you love.

Entrepreneur to entrepreneur I can be your guide to bounce business ideas off of, do the market research to make informed decisions, and facilitate key connections to run your business better. Let me sweat the small stuff so you can focus on dreaming, growing and creating.

Time you actually spend on your business

Data from:

Time you want to spend on your business

Estimated time based on full use of automations, a robust business plan and working with me to handle the "everything else".

Do any of these tasks make you grumble? Let’s chat about how I can handle it for you:

  • business planning (market research, growth plan, goals and objectives etc.)

  • setting up administrative structures and automations (email, invoicing, booking system etc.)

  • client relations and management

  • branding, marketing and launch strategies

  • partner relations (e.g. connecting with developers, service providers and contractors)

Ready to start making your business even more awesome?

Communications: Strategy and Implementation

Whether you already have your ideal client base or don’t know where to start, I specialize in developing communications and marketing strategies to help you find your favourite clients. I’ll handle every step of your communication plan, from initial market research right to implementation. We’ll start with defining your goals and ideal clients, and move through the process of actually reaching them and getting them to book or buy.


Once we have a plan set in place, there’s no need to hire anyone else or carve out the time - I have all the skills you need to actually make your communications goals a reality.

Once we create your plan I can:

  • set up and manage social media accounts

  • write and edit content (e.g. newsletters, reports, email templates, flyers etc.)

  • design document layouts, social media graphics and other promotional material

  • research, design, and test your website

  • communicate with and provide support to clients, influencers and partners

  • photograph product or lifestyle images

Ready to start talking about the awesome work you do? Let’s make sure your clients are ready to listen.